May is a very busy month that allows us to celebrate the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice and St Dominic Savio. With a month disturbed by COVID-19, flu and floods we still managed to celebrate our Founders’ Week with our Mother’s Day Mass and Founders’ Mass.



The week started with Mr Cummins, Rice House and Mr Bourke, organising the students for Relay for Life, supporting our local community. Mr Hall and Tench House aligned Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea with Mother’s Day Mass. Founders’ Day was rain-effected but Mr Jansz organised a Harmony Lunch that demonstrated the inclusivity of Blessed Edmund Rice.


We also have had developments with our Eco Group auditing our paper recycling and planning a Return and Earn scheme, under the leadership of Ms Tahan.


Mr Bourke has launched the Backyard Sleepout so that students can make up Social Justice Hours at home by sleeping on the verandah or in the backyard.  The following Social Justice Hours are required:


Year 7 – 7 hrs

Year 8 – 8 hrs

Year 9 – 9 hrs

Year 10 – 10 hrs

Year 11 & 12 -12 hrs


Mr Zac Culican 

Director of Identity