Reflection Thank you for the memories


As I reflect over the past nine years, I realise how blessed I have been to lead such a welcoming and inclusive community.  From the students, to the staff, to the parents, to the alumni, everyone has truly embraced me as we endeavoured to make St Dominic’s the best school in the Penrith region.  A heartfelt thank you to all the St Dominic’s family.


The College theme for 2022 was “Live life with Hope”.  I pray that over the past nine years, I have provided hope to all our community so that they could live a life that is centred around Christ and his message, of compassion, justice and peace.  If I have been able to do this, then I believe have fulfilled the goals I set myself when I commenced in 2014.



The architectural landscape of St Dominic’s has change significantly over my time as Principal.  We as a College are very proud of the improvements such as the Christian Brothers Chapel, the cover of the basketball courts, the refurbishment of the classrooms, the new E Block building, the new and refurbished administration block, the refurbished Edmund Rice Learning Centre and of course the Yarning circle.  All great additions to the College.  However, it is not the brick and mortar that makes a school but rather the people who live and breathe within the buildings.  It is the people who raise the bar and continue to strive for their personal best.  Making the ordinary become extraordinary has become a landmark for so many young men of our community.


The improvement in our learning environment has been one of the greatest achievement over the past nine years.  Not because our HSC results have improved, but because of learning has become the key factor in liberating our students and making them hope filled for a better world. 


As I sign out for the last time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone once again for their support and encouragement.  It is time for me to go and start my own new journey, but I will always treasure the time I travelled through Penrith.  I will not forget the friendships, I will not forget the amazing students and I definitely will not forget the remarkable staff of the best school in the Penrith region.


These extraordinary memories will be with me, always. 


May God Bless all the St Dominic’s community and once again thank you for supporting me as we navigated through the past nine years, together.  I couldn’t have done it without you.


Farewell, goodbye and until we meet again, may Live Jesus in your hearts _ forever.


Farewell and thank you

This time of the year always brings a touch of sadness as we farewell a number of staff members.  On half of the College I would like to thank each and every person and I am confident that you leave St Dominic’s a much better place. May the light of the Lord illuminate you path in the next stage of their journey and may St Dominic’s always be in your heart.


  • Mr John Gately is retiring from fulltime teaching, but we will hopefully see Mr Gately as a casual teaching in 2023
  • Mr James Bourke is moving to St Joseph’s Hunters Hill as the coordinator of their Indigenous program
  • Mr Brendan Jansz is moving to Bede Polding College, Windsor as the Director of Learning and Wellbeing
  • Mrs Jen Walsh will be on secondment for 12 months to St Pius X College as their Canvas facilitator
  • Mr James MacKay is moving to St Joseph’s College, Hunter’s Hill as a Boarding Master
  • Mr Harry Tsahtarlis moving to a leadership role at Xavier Catholic College as the VET Coordinator
  • Ms Cigdem Aydemir will be continuing her teaching at a school closer to her home
  • Mr Power who assisted us in Science in 2022. He will return to his retirement.


Thank you for being constant and faithful supporters of St Dominic’s during your time here and I know that you will always be part of our family.   We wish you every success in your future endeavours and please be reassured that you are always welcome back to St Dominic’s.  



2023 Leadership Team


College Leadership Team


Deputy Principal
Director of Business Services
Director of Pastoral Care
Director of Identity
Director of Administration
Director of Teaching and Learning
Director of Curriculum
Mr S.Abernethy
Mr A. Rafferty
Ms J. Powell
Mr D. Khoury
Mr Z. Culican
Mr B. Godsell
Mr D. Gerlach
Mr L. Borg



Pastoral Coordinators

7          Mr J. Kilbourne

8          Ms C. Cook                                         

9          Mr R. Peake                                         

10        Mrs N. Shankar                                   

11        Mr D. D’Souza                                    

12        Ms T. Shaw     


House Coordinators


Acting Dharuk              Ms S.  Tangata-Toa

Rice                             Mr B. Cummins

Surawski                      Mr S. Kennedy-Gould

Tench                           Mr J. Hall





Religious Ed.

Mr C. Hicks



Mr C. Meek

Mr B. Ahern


Mr P. Magee    

Mrs C. McSweeney


Mr T. Easterbrook

Mr A. Hrvatin


Mrs N. Monteleone



Mrs F. Edwards

Ms D. Lister


Mr B. Rawding

Ms R. Atkinson


Ms S. Wampfler



Mr D. Mackinnon


Creative Arts

Ms J. Knowles



Mr C. Wilson



Mr K. Churchill


Internal Sport

Mr H. Strong   


Career’s Advisor

Mrs D. Rimmer



Mrs R. Liepa


School Counsellor

Mr M. Turner


School Psychologist

Mr T. Lawler


Embark Coordinator

Mrs M. Henderson


Literacy Support

Ms S. Wampfler


Literacy Support

Miss A. Quinlivan



Mrs B. Birkett


Acting Social Justice Outreach

Miss M. Tahan


Acting Diverse Learning

Mrs D. Haydon


Gifted Teacher

Miss D. Lister


iStem Program Facilitator

Mr N. Zammit




Feast of Immaculate Conception – Monday 8th December

Over the centuries, it was commonly believed that Mary, as the mother of Jesus, was without sin.  This view was formalised by Pope Pius IX when he defined the dogma in 1854 after consulting the bishops of the world.   The annual solemnity is celebrated on 8th December, nine months before the feast of Mary’s birth on 8th September.  In 1858, Our Lady appeared to St Bernadette at Lourdes and identified herself as the Immaculate Conception, thus confirming the dogma proclaimed 4 years earlier.  “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee”


The Season of Advent

During this Advent season I hope and pray that you and your family find an opportunity to celebrate and rejoice in the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

I am always encouraged by the joy and happiness of the season.  However, it also reminds me that this is not always a reality for all our community especially the lonely, the marginalised, the poor, the homeless. I do hope that through our prayers and love all we receive a little of the blessings of Christmas.  May we all receive the greatest gift this Christmas, the gift of Christ’s love for all of us.

I BELIEVE that Christmas is more than a time for parties and ornaments; it is a time for remembering Christ and the incarnation of God’s love in human flesh.

I BELIEVE there are gifts more important than the ones under the Christmas tree, the things we teach our children, the way we share ourselves with friends, and the industry with which we set about reshaping the world in our time.

I BELIEVE that the finest carols are often sung by the poorest voices; from hearts made warm by the wonder of the season.

I BELIEVE in the angel’s message that we should not be afraid—that the Child of Bethlehem is able to overcome all anxieties and insecurities.

I BELIEVE in prayer and quietness as a way of appropriating Christmas—that if I wait in silence I will experience the presence of the one born in the manger, for he lives today as surely as he lived then.

I BELIEVE in going away from Christmas as the wise men went: “another way.” I want to be different when these days are past—more centred, more thoughtful, more caring.

And I believe God will help me. Amen


May you all continue to live life with hope.


Dominus Lux Mea


Mr Michael Ronchetti

St Dominic’s College Principal