Year 8 Geography recently went on an excursion to Wentworth Falls and Katoomba.


It was quite cold and windy as we arrived, but it warmed up as the day went on. We went on a walk to the Jamison Lookout where we practised our field sketches.


Then, we carefully stuck to the path on the walk down to Princess Rock lookout where we could see Wentworth Falls with Mr Rawding and get some cool pictures. We were lucky enough to see a perfect example of erosion on the way involving sandstone and water.


Later, we went to look at The Three Sisters with Miss Birkett, where the wind almost blew our heads off! We went to a safer spot and learnt about the Indigenous and geographical history of The Three Sisters and about how they were formed over millions of years.


Overall, it was a very fun day. We would also like to thank Mr Rawding, Miss Birkett, Mr Lawson and Mr Strong for the great experience.


Report by Year 8 Geography