In 2018, the four St Dominic’s House groups are choosing their own health initiatives to champion within the College. Dharuk started us off with a bang with their Happy Red Day campaign on the 14th February. The day was linked to improving our own heart health and using the skill of CPR.

Ms Knowles and Daniel Colgate, Dharuk leaders

At recess both staff and students participated in the STEP Challenge, stepping up and down to increase our heart rates and improve fitness. The instructions for the challenge were given by Mrs Peters, a St Dominic’s PDHPE teacher. A total of 6,214 steps were completed. In first place was Surawski with 1,916 steps, in second place with 1,601 steps was Tench, followed closely in third place was Dharuk with 1,598 steps and in fourth place with 1,099 steps was Rice.

At lunch the staff and students were instructed on the CPR technique by Mr David Mackinnon, PDHPE teacher, and assisted by many of the PDHPE staff. The challenge required both staff and students from each house to keep a mannequin “alive” throughout lunch by keeping the CPR compressions going non-stop. I’m pleased to announce that all four patients survived, and all houses were successful at CPR.

Thank you to all staff and students for participating in this heart health initiative. You don’t know when you may need to use CPR to save the life of a loved one or even a stranger.

Happy RED DAY to all in our community.

Ms. Knowles, Dharuk House Coordinator and Daniel Colgate, Dharuk House Prefect.