Study Skills ‘Kick Start’ Program (Elevate)
Years 7 and 8 –  March 12, 7pm – Treacy Room


Thank you so much to our 34 families who attended the parent Workshop that complemented our student workshops held March 12. The presentation and resources recommended in assisting your son can be downloaded: Elevate – Year 7&8 Parent Slides

For more information and resources to assist with your son visit: Elevate Education



Our Year 7 and 8 students attended our Study Skills – Kick Start Program on March 12 with their homerooms and homeroom teachers. These seminars are facilitated by ‘Elevate Education’ who have been working with all our year groups in developing study skills appropriate to the students age and immediate challenges and goals.

As a College we are committed to improving student outcomes and by engaging a professional partner (Elevate Education) we are ensuring the students are getting the best advice from recently graduated students who have completed their HSC at the highest level and are now undertaking tertiary education pathways across the state. In partnership with Elevate we will continue the Kick Start Program during our pastoral lessons throughout the year (facilitated by your son’s homeroom teacher) and during homeroom each morning.

Research has shown that schools that follow-up the seminars at home have higher levels of skill uptake amongst their students compared to schools that simply run the in-class seminars. This parent seminar is designed to run on the same day as the student seminar to ensure the same messages are communicated to all stakeholders. The presenter examines the skills that are covered in the sessions with a focus on the ways that parents can reinforce the skills at home. In addition, parents can utilise further resources through a dedicated website for parents via the Elevate Website.

The session is 60 minutes long and is designed to be run as an open forum for discussion. This allows parents to ask our study skills experts any questions they have about being the parent of a
secondary school student. Typical questions are:

  • How do I help my child become more motivated
  • How do I help my child improve their time management?
  • What work should my child be doing?
  • How do I help my child deal with distractions?

The presenter then answers these questions by highlighting critical techniques from the Elevate seminars. For example:

  • Creating realistic goals that actually work.
  • Developing an effective study timetable that parents can help design.
  • Providing parents with a road map of what work students should be doing and when.
  • Understanding the impact of distractions and the best ways to manage them.

The presenter will also stay after the session to answer any additional questions that the parents may have.