The year to date has seen many new initiatives in better supporting your son’s learning and the continued commitment in providing the highest quality learning environment. We hope you have enjoyed the new improvements in our College communication platforms in providing you with all the information you need in supporting your son, we are very proud of our staff commitment that now provides you with 24-7 access to his learning journey. Please ensure that you are following our website (our new College App will soon deliver all key features in an easy to access mobile platform), our College Facebook page and have downloaded the Canvas Parent App to ensure you have real time access to your son’s progress.


Canvas Support Evenings: over 168 families from all year groups attended these hands-on workshops that now provides access to your son’s learning needs. Via the App you can access your son’s notifications, calendar, results, submission status and syllabus (Scope and Sequence, Vocabulary Lists for each topic, Assessment Schedule and NESA links).

2017 HSC Academic Awards: a wonderful celebration of our 2017 HSC High Achievers, see news for more

Elevate Study Skills Workshops: These study skills workshops have been introduced in 2018 to meet the unique needs of each year group (supported by their homeroom teacher and our Pastoral Program). In addition the parent support evenings provided by the Elevate team were very well attended and assisted parents greatly, see news for more

Diverse Learning Parent Meetings: These meetings were provided in reviewing and developing each student’s personal plan that is used by each teacher in best serving students with individual needs.

Upcoming Events:

  • HSC Half Yearly Examinations: April 3-13
    • Year 12 Students will be undertaking their Half Yearly exams in weeks 10 and 11 of Term 1. Year 12 students are encouraged to prepare appropriately for this exam period to ensure they can achieve successful results in their subjects.
  • Staff Development Day: April 30
  • Year 7 to 10 Parent and Teacher Meetings: 14th May
    • A letter will be distributed to parents with the term 1 reports mailed home on this event for teacher bookings to be made for this event.
  • Year 11 and 12 Parent Teacher Evening: 22nd May
    • A letter will be distributed to parents on this event in week 1 of Term 2 for teacher bookings to be made for this event.