Commencing Monday 30th April 2018 School Bus 4523 will change due to the closure of the Homestead Road and The Northern Road intersection as part of The Northern Road upgrade.

School Bus 4523 will continue to operate at times and route from school to the intersection of Wentworth Road and Verdelho Way. Then the bus will operate via Wentworth Road to Penrith Anglican College.

The change will omit following roads: –

  • Kingswood Road between Wentworth Road and Homestead Road
  • Homestead Road between Kingswood Road and The Northern Road and,
  • The Northern Road between Homestead Road and Wentworth Road.

For further information please contact Busways Customer Service on 9497 1878 or 9497 1887.

Alternatively visit the Busways website at

Mr B Jansz

Director of Pastoral Care