Term 1 Interim Reports for Years 7 to 11 students have now been completed and mailed April 13, 2018.


Year 12 Half Yearly reports will be mailed home in Week 2 of Term 2.

 The College undertook a significant review of their reporting structures in 2017 via teacher, parent and student feedback. In response to this review, changes have been made to our reporting structures for 2018.

Real Time Reporting

Via your Canvas Parent APP you can access everything you need to support your son:

  • Syllabus: Assessment Schedule, Scope and Sequence, Vocabulary Lists and NESA link
  • Calendar: All assigned learning activities are published here and their completion status.
  • Grades: All course grades are presented here so you can discuss your son’s progress on a day to day basis.

Download your APP today – search for ‘stdominics’

NEW Diligence and Sustained Effort (D.S.E) Interim reports

  • Each Individual Course D.S.E total and overall D.S.E result will now be presented as a percentage.
  • Newly developed criteria and recording scale for the D.S.E has been developed and is shown below:

The following learning characteristics indicate the student is seeking their personal best in their learning:

Learning Characteristic

Evidence of success:




·     Completes learning tasks as scheduled/timely manner

·     Is prepared with all equipment fully functioning

·     Well-presented bookwork and learning material/resources



·     Seeks feedback from teacher

·     Works effectively with peers in groups

·     Positive contributor to the class environment



·     Listening and following instructions

·     Speaking appropriately and respectfully to peers and staff

·     Writing clear and legibly


Behaviour / Self-Direction

·     Works independently in meeting personal learning needs

·     Takes responsibility for themselves and their actions

·     Remains focused and on task throughout the lesson



·     Actively engaged in course resources and communication

·     Spelling /Grammar

·     Displays initiative in developing knowledge/skills


0 – Not assessed

1 – Rarely

2 – Sometimes

3 – Usually

4 – Always

Student Concern Letters and Commendation Certificates – Term 1

The issuing of the Term 1 Reports will provide parents with an overview of their son’s academic progress for Term 1.  The College will also be undertaking the following steps to monitor and congratulate students based on their level of academic progress in Term 1.

  • Students of Concern – those students who receive an Overall D.S.E result of below 65% have been identified as a Student of Concern. Therefore, a Concern Warning letter will be sent home to those respective parents requiring them to contact their son’s Pastoral Coordinator to set up a meeting where their sons academic application and progress for Term 2 and beyond will be discussed
  • Students of Commendation – those students who receive an Overall D.S.E result above 85% will be acknowledged with a Commendation certificate for their positive academic application in Term 1 across all of their subjects. These students will be formally acknowledged and received their certificates in Pastoral meetings in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 2.