Tuesday 15th May until Thursday 17th May.

These tests will assess each student’s literacy and numeracy ability in a variety of domains. These tests are vitally important in providing the teachers and parents a better understanding of a student’s literacy and numeracy ability. These results will also allow the teaching staff to better cater towards the learning needs of each student.

The introduction of significant HSC reforms in 2017 has introduced a minimum standard for literacy and numeracy that all students will need to demonstrate to be eligible to receive a HSC. Therefore, it is the College’s expectation that any Year 9 student undertaking the test this year should be aiming for Band 8 result in the reading, writing and numeracy tests to indicate that they are currently on track to meet the minimum standard for Year 10 and beyond. Year 9 students will therefore be expected to prepare for these tests by undertaking specific class activities that have been set to assist them in these areas in weeks 1 and 2. Furthermore, Year 7 and 9 students will also be expected to complete past practice NAPLAN papers that will be provided to them via their Canvas Pastoral page in the lead up to these tests.  

More information on these NAPLAN test can be found by clicking on this link: