On Monday 21st May the year 12 Hospitality students were challenged with their first simulated café experience. The boys spent the lesson preparing and cooking light meals, setting up the dining room and preparing the espresso machines ready for service.

Once the lunch bell rang, there was an influx of hungry teachers, eager to taste test the coffees and sample the food. Each student had designated roles in areas such as; taking orders, serving food, making espresso coffees and cleaning of the kitchen and dining room.

The pressure in the kitchen was heightened as more coffee orders continued to flow in, simulating the real stresses of a peak service period in a real life café setting.

The boys quickly learnt that they needed to quicken their pace, clearly communicate with each other and work closely as a team in order to deliver effective service, to leave customers satisfied. The teachers were asked to provide feedback on their espresso service from taste and presentation to service.

May the boys be able to build upon their knowledge and skills and based upon this feedback, work towards improving for the upcoming café service periods.

Mrs Monteleone

TAS & VET Hospitality Teacher