The New South Wales Educational Standards Authority (NESA) introduced a number of NAPLAN and HSC reforms in 2017 where all Students are required to reach a minimum literacy and numeracy standard before they are eligible for the award of the Higher School Certificate (HSC). All current Year 10 students were given the opportunity to reach this standard by achieving a Band 8 in each of their Year 9 NAPLAN Reading, Writing and Numeracy tests in 2017.

Those Year 10 students who have not reached the minimum standard in these areas will be required to complete one or all of these tests (these students will have been explicitly notified prior).


Students will be given two opportunities this year to sit for and pass the NESA Online Literacy and Numeracy Tests in order to demonstrate that they have reached the minimum literacy and numeracy standard in order to be eligible for the award of the Higher School Certificate.

The NESA Online Tests for students who are still required to reach the minimum standard in Literacy and Numeracy will be conducted during Week 8 of Term 2 at the College. Whole College support strategies have been implemented this year to assist students in improving their levels of Literacy and Numeracy and consequently better enable them to reach the minimum standard. Furthermore, the College will be providing students with the opportunity to conduct Practice Online Testing in Literacy and Numeracy on the 4th June to the 8th June in Week 6 of Term 2, to ensure they are familiar with the test specifications.

Year 10 Students were informed in homeroom on Monday 28th May concerning the details of these tests. A parent letter was also issued to those affected students to inform them of what NESA Online Literacy and Numeracy Tests they will be required to sit. The NESA Online Testing dates for Year 10 students during Week 8 of Term 2 are shown below:






18th June

19th June

22nd June


Please do not hesitate to contact Monica Day ( or myself ( via email or phone on (02) 4731 1933, if you require any further clarification concerning this matter.

Yours Sincerely,




Mr P. Gorton

Director of Curriculum