Pastoral Care News


June provided another productive middle to the Term with many significant pastoral events. Thank you to all the staff and students who contributed to these events which included our house activities, peer support program, Year 11 RYDA Driver Safety Day, Year 9 Camp and Surawski’s Beyond Blue Day.


Year 11 RYDA Driver Safety Day

Tuesday 29th May, Year 11 attended a RYDA Road Safety excursion hosted at the Sydney International Regatta Centre by Road Safety Education.

The day consisted of six practical workshops which were all focused around educating the students in the importance of road safety, decision making and being a passenger in a car.

With so many of our Year 11 students starting to get their licence, it will hopefully equip them with the knowledge and skills to stay safe on the road.

Thank you to Ms Shankar, Mrs Fogliani, Mr Passlow, Mr McGillicuddy and Mr Vrljic for accompanying us on the day and helping to make the day a success.


Year 9 Camp at Somerset

Week 5 in Term 2 was the much-anticipated Year 9 Camp at Somerset. A wonderful real-life challenge for our boys to experience in the great outdoors. Thank you to all the boys that made the effort to get out to Somerset and spend some time in nature. A huge thanks to the teachers who gave up their own family time to support the student’s growth to adulthood.

There may be times when our students feel like they are forced to do something they are not overly excited about, but it is always done with plenty of pastoral care by teachers to ensure the boys grow and develop to ensure that they are always thinking of others in all they do.

Thank you to Mr Godsell, Mr Chapman, Mr Ahern, Miss Alimane, Mrs Reid, Mr. Bourke, Mr Hall, Mr Magerison, Mrs Birkett and Mr Zammit for their support and helping to make the camp a success.


Surawski Beyond Blue Day

In preparation for Game 2 of the State of Origin, Surawski celebrated their Beyond Blue Day, promoting mateship and well-being. Students received crew cards, containing support services and helping them to identify who they call on when they need help. They also watched a student created video message and received information on the 5 ways to well-being. 

Winners of Support Crew Do Competition were:

  • Aidan Hamlin for supporting his family
  • Jacob Cohen for teaching Bass Guitar
  • Ethan Hutchings for fund raising of a sick friend
  • Jesse Blade for sharing his footy gear with less fortunate
  • Lochlan Marshall for helping a friend who was depressed and needed support

Congratulations to all the entrants and thank you for sharing your acts of kindness. Giving, helps both the giver and receiver to gain a sense of purpose and self-worth.

A huge thank you to Surawski House Coordinator, Mrs Birkett for her organisation and promotion of the day, which made it a great success. The message of looking after each other and wellness was appreciated by all.


House Update

The Br Jeff Regan House Cup had a few initiatives over June including events from Year 7 House Cup Football. A big thank you to all the students and teachers who contributed in the many activities throughout the weeks.

Br Jeff Regan House Cup – Points Update (June 2018)

Surawski              6762

Tench                    5845

Rice                        5798

Dharuk                 4957


Mr B. Jansz

Director of Pastoral Care