Semester 1 Reports

We have been working on improving our reports in providing you and your son more information on his progress and where he can further improve in 2018. New reporting features introduced this year include:

  1. 24/7 Reporting via Canvas: You and your son can access his results as the teacher marks them. You can quickly access all his course grades via ‘View my grades’ which gives an overall total at that stage of the course and allows you to look further into all the results associated to an individual course (not to mention the ability to see the submitted task and teacher feedback). We encourage you to access Canvas as often as possible in supporting your son’s learning and development. Learn more
  2. Box and whisker plot
  3. Learning statements
  4. New DSE

Your son’s Semester 1 report will be posted during the first week of the school holidays.


Canvas Parent and Student Workshops (Term 3)

Our Canvas workshops this year have been very well received (over 160 families and counting!) over Term 1 and 2. Bring your son and his laptop along to learn more about his learning experience and how you can assist him further at home. Again we will run alternate workshops for experienced and new users. Key features of the workshop include:

Accessing Course Syllabus: Assessment Schedules, Scope and Sequences, Vocabulary Lists and NESA resources
Accessing Student Calendar: see what activities have been set for your son and when they are due
Accessing Results: see marks, submissions and feedback as they are published by the teacher
Communication: learn how easy it is to communicate with teachers and peers in improving
Trouble Shooting: any technical questions or assistance is provided where needed

Our workshops are scheduled for July 31 (Major Works Evening – C203), 3.15-4pm, 4.15-5pm and 7.15-8pm.

RSVP is required

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Mr P. Gorton – Director of Curriculum

Ms M. Day – Director of Diverse Learning

Mr D. Sheil – Director of Teaching and Learning