The Year 7 to 11 Half Yearly and Year 12 Interim Reports will be mailed out to parents in the first week of the school holiday period. A significant review was undertaken last year with students, staff and parents concerning the College Reports. The feedback from all stakeholders within our community has lead us to developing new Reports in 2018 that provide parents with more information concerning the pastoral wellbeing and academic progress of each student.

In addition you and your son can access his progress and results 24/7 via Canvas. If you have yet to attend one of Parent workshops in using Canvas this year we urge you to book in for our Term 3 Workshops – July 31.

The following features can now be found in a Half Yearly Report:

1.       Homeroom Report Page

·         Homeroom Comment

·         Absences (Including Special Day attendances)

·         Overall D.S.E. (Representing the average D.S.E. total of all courses)

·         Co-Curricular and Awards information

2.       Academic Course Page

·         Unit Description – topics that have studied for a course for the reporting period.

·         Learning Descriptors – these statements show key learning areas that students have learnt and indicate a student’s application and understanding.

·         Course Grade – a student’s grade allocated for their level of achievement each in course

·         Pathway Grade – A student’s class grade will be allocated for a multi-level course (if applicable).

·         Grade Distribution – This table indicates how many students have received each grade within the course.

·         Diligence and Sustained Effort (D.S.E.)


Mr P Gorton

Director of Curriculum