July provided a positive end to the Term. Special mention to our hard working staff at the College who, like the students, are looking forward to a well-earned break. Significant contributions to events which included our house activities.


Peer Support Update

Wednesday the 27th of June Year 7 and Year 11 joined together in their house groups for another Peer Support Session. The program aims to build resilience in both age groups and offer leadership opportunities to the Year 11 students.

The students develop skills in critical thinking and communication, aiming to build optimism and empathy through programmed activities.

During this lesson, the students needed to work together through discussion and having fun to solve a jigsaw puzzle, then discuss the support people each student had in their lives. There was plenty of discussion and laughter as they tried to solve difficult puzzles together.

House Update

The Br Jeff Regan House Cup had a few initiatives over June including events from Year 7 House Cup Football. A big thank you to all the students and teachers who contributed in the many activities throughout the weeks.

Br Jeff Regan House Cup – Points Update (July 2018)

                              Surawski              6762

                              Tench                    5845

                              Rice                       5798

                              Dharuk                  4957


Upcoming Pastoral Events Term 3:

3rd August:                            Year 11 Think Twice Program
7th and 8th August:             Year 8 Urban Challenge and Pastoral Days
10th August:                          Year 10 Blue Datto Driver Safety Day

Mr B Jansz

Director of Pastoral Care