On Wednesday 15th August, St Dominic’s farewelled our 40 students visiting from Kogyokusha High School in Japan, for their annual 12-day immersive English experience. 

This years visit has been an overwhelming success with the boys finding a warm and welcoming place in our College community.  In their time at the College the boys undertook a range of activities. They spent the mornings in class with their St Dominic’s buddies, getting an understanding of a typical school day for our boys. After recess they went to English lessons to practice and improve their conversational English skills. They were offered a real Aussie football experience, joining our senior MCS AFL team at one of their matches where our boys taught them some of the basic skills required of the game. We embarked on an adventure to Taronga Zoo where our boys were able to show them not only the native wildlife but also the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour.

Their visit concluded with a presentation of Japanese culture. This was an opportunity for the Japanese boys to give back and show off some elements of Japanese culture including origami and Sumo Wrestling.

 I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to all families who home hosted students as part of this program, an invaluable experience for our visitors.

Ms N. Pritchett