On Tuesday, August 7, Year 11 Economics were audience to former College Prefect (Class of 2015) Cameron Slaughter.  Cameron is currently in his third year of a Bachelor of Economics at Macquarie University, holder of an Elite Athlete Scholarship (swimming) and is undertaking an internship with BT Financial. 

Cameron delivered an inspiring presentation, where he addressed how to succeed in the HSC, the benefit of studying economics in high school for university studies, how to manage school, work and life balance, how to be successful at university and the importance of obtaining an internship for future career prospects.




Students were most impressed with Cameron’s desire to succeed and how he has set his career plan. 

They were also relieved to hear that Cameron knew that he wanted to work in finance when at school, the rest of the plan has developed over time.  Students found Cameron’s realistic and down to earth, at times blunt manner inspiring, asking many questions about his academic and athletic career.   

Mrs R. Reid

KLA Coordinator – HSIE II