August provided another busy few weeks in Pastoral Care with many year-based events. Special mention to our hard-working staff at the College who continue to contribute to the overall development of the students. Significant contributions to events included our house activities, peer support program and special programs from Urban Challenge and Blue Datto Foundation.

Year 11 ‘Think Twice’ Program

The College was visited by the Think Twice team from Westmead Hospital Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit. One by one, members of the team addressed our Year 11 cohort and spoke about the unfortunate circumstance that resulted in their debilitating brain injuries. The overriding theme of the talks was for the boys to think twice before doing something that would place them in a situation of danger. In particular, regarding motor cars and bikes with many of our boys getting their driving licence around this time. The team has given freely their time for the past 17 years and we are truly thankful to them for all they have done in their attempts to keep our students safe particularly on the roads.

A special thanks to their Rehabilitation Case Manager Margaret Doyle and the fabulous speakers Qaa’im, Jay, Tristan and Tom.

Thanks to Mr Darcy, Ms Shankar and Year 11 for supporting this Annual College event.

Year 8 Urban Challenge and Pastoral Days

Year 8 took part in a full day Urban Challenge program throughout the Sydney CBD on Tuesday and Wednesday. The boys departed the College and walked to Kingswood station in their teams. Each team member was given a specific role. Throughout the day, each team completed a range of tasks and followed a clue chase throughout the city. The boys had the opportunity to earn teams points and barter for their lunch and dinner.

On the alternate days the boys were further developed in the areas of resilience, cybersafety and being proactive in upstanding against bullying. A really positive day with many strong messages through prevention.

Thanks to the Urban Challenge Staff, Mr Samoluk and the Year 8 Pastoral Team, House Coordinators and most importantly our boys, for their outstanding efforts and commitment throughout the days.

For the full team reports please visit (Username: domsurban / Password: doms2018). Team lists, blogs and photo galleries.

Year 10 Blue Datto ‘Driver Safety Day’

Today our Year 10 boys had the privilege of working with the staff from the Blue Datto Foundation to help empower them to make smarter, safer decisions on our roads. The day’s activities gave the boys an opportunity to engage with a range of real life scenarios with their peer mentors from Blue Datto in an open and honest dialogue. The day’s activities have had a positive influence on the attitudes of the boys, giving them practical measures to change their behaviour to help keep themselves and their friends safe.

Blue Datto is a charity derived from the story of Philip Vassallo, an ordinary 17 year old with a passion for cars, especially his blue Datsun ute, affectionately known as ‘the kid in the blue datto’.

Blue Datto was established in Phil’s memory after he passed away in an accident, aged 17.

Thanks to the energetic Blue Datto Staff, our PDHPE Staff and the students of Year 10 for contributing to an excellent day of learning and preventative strategies around road safety.

ELEVATE Education – Student Study Workshops

Over the first 6 weeks of August, we will again be explicitly developing our students’ ability to study and prepare for their major assessment tasks. We engaged Elevate Education in 2018 in aiding from the experts (young presenters who have successfully completed their HSC and have gone on to successful post school studies) at the beginning of the year and we are continuing these skill workshops during lessons with their teachers.

Each Period 1 (Day 7) students will be working with their class and applying the developing study skills in the context of their lessons. We will also be integrating key messages into all our teaching and learning across the stages. Please take the time to visit the Elevate Website and discuss the resources with your son. Workshop booklets he is using are available in Canvas/Pastoral Care to assist.

House Update

The Br Jeff Regan House Cup had a few initiatives over August. A big thank you to all the students and teachers who contributed to the many activities throughout the weeks. The conclusion of the House Cup will on Dommies Day, Friday 14th September.

Br Jeff Regan House Cup – Points Update (August 2018)

Surawski              519

Tench                    542

Rice                        379

Dharuk                 424

Who will be this year’s winner be?

Upcoming Pastoral Events Term 3:

27th and 28th August:             2019 Student Leaders Retreat
30th August:                              Years 7-10 SEW (Social, Emotional and  Wellbeing) Testing
30th August:                             Years 7-10 Anti-Bullying Survey
4th September:                         Years 9 and 10 Disco (6:30 – 8:30)
Week 8:                                      Rivalry Week
13th September:                      Tench ‘R U Ok? Day’
14th September:                      Dommies Day 

Mr B. Jansz

Director of Pastoral Care