On Friday night, the 24th of August, teachers and boys from years 7 to 12 constructed cardboard structures at school, bearing the harsh winter’s night to raise awareness around homelessness. Students learned the struggles of homelessness; sleeping rough in the cold, finding their next meal, and protecting themselves and their sleeping area. On average, there are over 105 000 Australian’s that don’t live in a permanent residence. In light of this, students raised money from their own donations and also sought sponsorship to complete the challenge. The night alone successfully raised approximately $600 which will go towards providing meals for homeless people in Mt Druitt and Parramatta.

All in all, students began to empathise with the struggles that homeless people face every night, especially when waking up at 5:30 am after a terrible night sleep on the ground. The night was a meaningful and joyful experience for all those that attended. Thanks to everyone that supported the cause and a special thanks to the teachers that made it all possible.

Wade Bocking

Year 12