Year 11, 2019 Subject Selections

Year 10 Students have already submitted their subject preferences for Year 11, 2019. The College is currently processing these subject preferences and will provide students with their first round of Year 11 subject offers in Week 7 this term.

Year 9, 2019 Subject Selections

Year 9 Students will be required to submit the Year 9 Elective subject preferences into the front office by Wednesday 29th August. The College will then process their subject preferences and provide students with their first round of Year 9 Elective Subject offers in Week 7 this term.

Semester 1 Academic Awards


HSC Major Works Showcase

Celebration of student commitment and skill on display across….read more….further such celebrations are continued with our upcoming Creative and Performing Arts Showcase.


HSC Trial Examinations and Student Advice

The final HSC assessments have now concluded and your son is encouraged to check his final assessment marks and ranks via Canvas to ensure they are correct. He will also receive a Year 12 Final Report which will be mailed home in Week 7 this term. Your son can access his own personal HSC Timetable via Students online (he is advised to ensure he has access to this portal as this is where he will access his HSC results in December).


STEM at St Dominic’s

This term has seen our Inaugural Code Club formed (led by Mrs Walsh), these committed students are developing their skills and knowledge in programming which will be invaluable to them in their futures. Year 9 2019 will see the College delivering the iSTEM elective course for the first time and over 30 students who have performed to an outstanding level in Mathematics, Science and TAS have been invited to be part of this exciting opportunity. All Year 8 students may still select this course and further discussions associated to their commitment in these learning areas will be considered. This course will see the students participating in state wide, nation wide and global competitions.



Your son has access to the entire Clickview library to assist him with his studies and in developing a deeper understanding of concepts and improved skills. Like many popular streaming services content can be downloaded and watched when it suits him. Our teachers are regularly developing playlists to assist your son but he can access so much more as he needs it. He can review a movie clip he has been studying in class, watch a dramatic recreation of a play, access step by step mathematical instructions, review chemical experiments…the list is endless. If you see your son on YouTube redirect him to Clickview.

See our full article posted this month here.

Canvas Parent Workshops – Term 3

Once again the College supplied these support workshops to assist parents and their sons with our learning management system – CANVAS. Our attendees were assisted in accessing student results, assignments, calendars and all support material provided via their courses. If you have yet to log in and share the journey with your son. (Please note our next and final Parent and Teacher Interviews are scheduled on 12th September, know your son’s progress today). All his live results and contact with his teachers are supplied via Canvas.


Mr D. Sheil

Mr P. Gorton

Ms M. Day