The Inaugural meeting of the St Dominic’s College Code Club.

Students met for the first time this morning for muffins and Python coding in the ERLC.

The College Code Club are participating in the National Computer Science School coding challenge, sponsored by the University of Sydney. More than 20,000 students from around the world participated in the NCSS Challenge 2018. They competed for 5 weeks, learning to code by solving interesting and engaging problems. 16 students from St Dominic’s College enrolled in our inaugural Code Club and took part in the competition.

The boy’s got together this morning to chat, code and help each other as they learn Python and meet the challenges of the competition.

This is an exciting opportunity for the boy’s to learn skills relevant to the technologies of today and  prepare them for their futures.

Keep up to date with the leaderboard here.

The results of the competition have now been released, and 2 students from St Dominic’s College came in at the top of the leaderboard with Perfect Scores!

Over half of our students who participated achieved a Credit or above result in the competition with the following students being of particular note:

Perfect Score –            Bhawan Dhillon (Yr10 – Intermediate Coding)

Dinath Senaratne (Yr8 – Beginners Coding)

High Distinction –         Alexi Pepper (Yr10 – Intermediate Coding)

Connor Smith (Yr7 – Beginners Coding)

Distinction –                 Snehin Talusani (Yr8 – Beginners Coding)

Credit –                         Snehin Talusani (Yr8 – Intermediate Coding)

                                    Marley Satchell (Yr8 – Beginners Coding)

                                    Patrick Rowan (Yr9 – Beginners Coding)

                                    Hayden Walsh (Yr8 – Beginners Coding)

Computer science skills are critical, whether you want to cure cancer, solve global warming or unlock the secrets of the universe. It’s really good to see these students making a positive start at a young age, and we hope their successes may encourage other people to take up coding too!

The NCSS Challenge is a collaboration between Grok Learning, The University of Sydney and the Australian Computing Academy.

“The future is built with code, and it’s wonderful to see so many students getting involved” said Dr. Nicky Ringland, co-founder of Grok Learning and recently named one of AFR’s 100 Women of Influence.
“The NCSS Challenge is a key force in transforming Australian students from tech consumers, in to tech creators.”

It would be wonderful to recognise the work and achievements of these students, and also their teacher, who did a phenomenal job keeping them engaged, excited and inspired for the 5 weeks. Students met twice a week on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons to collaborate, learn and get help in completing each of the challenges.

We look forward to accepting the code challenge again in 2019.


Ms J. Walsh

Canvas Learning Coordinator