UTS Indigenous Engineering & IT Experience

Our Indigenous students continue to embark on opportunities to be involved in a variety of different programs offered throughout the course of Term 3. It is great to see students emerged in cultural, spiritual and personal growth by attending such events. A strong relationship has been developed and continues to grow throughout with local community organisations as a means of delivering a liberating education for our students.  

UWS Outreach Program Presentation

Thank you to Jessica Bamblett and the University of Western Sydney’s Outreach team who visited the College on Friday 31st August. Jessica and Adelaide took the time to discuss the variety of opportunities available for Indigenous students at UWS. Indigenous students in Years 10-12 were provided with course specific information early and alternative entry programs, scholarships and support services offered by the Badanami Centre. It was pleasing to see students engaged and considering prospects beyond their secondary schooling.


AIME Year 9 & 10 Program Day

On the 14th of September Year 9/10 Indigenous students attended an AIME Mentoring excursion. The AIME mentoring squad had set up for Indigenous students from local secondary schools around the Penrith area for to come along; learn and be involved in a variety of activities on the day.

Commencing the day, St. Dominic’s students were welcomed to WSU, Kingswood Campus. From the beginning, we were immersed in activities which included the following:

-Failure time: Where we would get together in groups and work in teams and rotate around activities, showing others and ourselves that if we fail, that we can get back up on our feet and go at it again. We learnt a variety of significant matters in this class including Indigenous tribe locations, traditional language and much more.

-Keys to the city: This activity challenged many individuals to get out of their comfort zone; to show others that we can lead the room without the help of any mentors. The activity lasted 20 minutes. Indigenous students took the opportunity to stand up and talk about many different topics that we had written down at the commencement of the day. Some examples of topics discussed included overcoming adversity and participating in dance which put individuals out of their comfort zone.

In conclusion, the AIME mentoring Day is an event that gives Indigenous students and opportunity to look forward to; to immerse in culture and develop friendships outside of our usual circles. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the AIME mentoring team throughout the remainder of 2018.

Edited and written by: Jack Atkinson and Harrison Moss


AIME Mentoring

A reminder that AIME mentoring continues for Indigenous students in Years 7-12 each Monday from 3-4pm in the ERLC. This is great opportunity for students to receive extra assistance with homework, assessment tasks and revision. Students are encouraged to make the most of the initiative and attend.


Stage 4: Muru Mittigar Excursion

Indigenous students in Years 7 and 8 are invited to attend the Muru Mittigar Cultural Centre on Wednesday 26th September 2018. The day is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in various cultural activities. Students will participate in activities including:  Cultural Talk, Bush Tucker, Art Workshop and Boomerang Throwing.


Mr R. Peake

Indigenous Education Coordinator