On Monday, 15th October Year 11 departed for their 3-day Senior Retreat. The Senior Retreat is a key event which marks the year groups journey into 2019, their H.S.C year.

The retreat was held at two venues – The Hermitage Marist Brothers, Mittagong and Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, Grose Vale. Both venues provided each group the time to relax, reflect and connect with their God and the people around them.

The program covered large group activities as well more intimate group settings to reflect and discuss around the areas of spirituality, manhood, affirmations and service to others. I had the pleasure of attending both venues as was delighted to see an atmosphere of caring and togetherness while everyone worked through these challenging but rewarding sessions. There was also time for the students to connect with each other in a more casual setting during break time.

Time is the one most valuable resource a person can invest, and we were all fortunate to have had this time to invest in each other.

I would like to express my gratitude to the following staff members for investing their time in the Senior Retreat and to help make it a success.

The staff members are:

Mr Culican, Mr Borg, Mrs Walsh, Ms Reid, Mrs Bright, Mrs Fogliani, Mr Zammit, Mr Hall, Ms Knowles, Mr Cummins, Mr Vrljic, Mrs Birkett, Mrs Mc Cormick and Ms Ede. 

Ms Shankar

Year 11 Pastoral Coordinator