On Monday 19th November, Year 10 boarded coaches to travel to Colo for their annual camp.

This year, groups were divided into six groups and were involved in long hikes, long canoe trips and a combination of hiking and canoeing.

The staff had previously selected their preferences and took to their leadership task with relish. The two Mr. Halls managed the canoe groups, Mr Margerison and Mr. Bourke managed the hiking groups and Mr. Zammit along with Mr. Kennedy-Gould took the boys through the combined experience.

My thanks go to these staff members for their expertise, encouragement and perseverance.

I had the opportunity to meet with each of these groups when they were accessible. Despite having one trip to the hospital all went relatively well. The students on the whole received the experience well and endured the hard times without too much complaint.

It was rewarding to see the vast majority of students combining together to get tasks completed – cooking and washing up in particular.

The weather at times was trying and conditions were generally hot or windy. Sunburn worried a lot of students for some time and precautions to prevent this weren’t so adequately taken. (lessons learned I hope!)

The camp experience is their last at St. Dominic’s and I believe most students benefited from the discipline associated with the rigour of the activities.

Next year we look forward to the Senior Retreat and looking at life from a different perspective.

Following three days back at school for a transition to senior schooling the students will break for Christmas.

I wish everyone the best and thank you for your cooperation throughout 2018.

Mr M. Levy

Year 10 Coordinator