On Tuesday the 27th of November, Year 8 Geography had the opportunity to visit two sites in the Blue Mountains as a part of our unit on landscapes and landforms. We arrived early at Echo Point and the Three Sisters where we learnt about the spiritual importance of the landforms to Australia’s Indigenous population. We were also able to consider the economic and cultural significance of the area. We took a walk from the top of Echo Point to the top of the giant stairway, here we were able to look at evidence of erosion and talk about the different ways that the Three Sisters are eroding.

Next, we travelled to Wentworth falls. Here we were able to see and learn about more evidence of erosion and the significance of different landforms and landscapes.

When we arrived back at the College, we were able to continue developing our compass skills. We created different routes on the ovals and had other groups navigate through our directions.

A great day had by everyone.

Noah Clifford

Year 8