Protect your device from viruses and losing your work

It has been noted that a significantly high number of students have failed to continue their Virus Protection with Sophos (supplied with student devices in 2017 and 2018), note new students this year (including all of Year 7) require current Virus Protection.

You can upgrade your son’s Virus Protection with the new Sophos Home Protection: (FOR FREE).

The existing anti-virus will need to be removed before installing the new one, we can also assist your son at the IT Helpdesk if he requires help. This will take approximately 20 minutes and should be done at home.

Our College has a number of safe guards that protects our environment, however your son’s device belongs to you and you are responsible for maintaining your own protection from harmful software.

The College provides Office 365 storage to ensure your son can save all his work to his laptop that is also stored to the cloud. All students have been trained (and further support from our IT Helpdesk is available) on how to manage their files where they have a back-up at all times. Click here for instructions