As we begin 2019, some valuable reminders of who we are as a community. St Dominic’s College is a community that values the worth and dignity of each person and places an emphasis on instilling respect for oneself. It is these values that underpin our pastoral care policies and strategies. The College creates a safe and harmonious environment for the learning and character formation of each student. It works at developing each student’s sense of worth and respect for the rights of others. All of our staff members are passionate about knowing and caring for the students.


St Dominic’s is a community that creates a caring environment, allowing each individual member to feel valued, through the context of boys education; experiencing belonging, compassion, opportunity, discovery and success in the Catholic tradition in the spirit of Edmund Rice.

This year we focus on the theme of ‘Be My Witnesses’. This centres around the touchstone of Inclusive Community, which is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships and committed to the common good. If we all can focus on these values, we will definitely improve as individuals and as a community.

The College motto “Dominus Lux Mea” proclaims “the Lord is my Light”. It is the responsibility of members of our College to allow the Lord’s light to shine brightly in our lives so that we use our unique gifts and share them with those we encounter on a daily basis. By allowing the Lord’s light to shine in our learning, in our co-curricula involvement, and in our contribution to family life, we are accepting the responsibility to aspire to become the best person we are encouraged to be.

As we continue our journey, St Dominic’s College is dedicated and committed to developing the God-given talents of all students so that they develop into the young gentlemen that can proudly take their place in our society. Being part of our houses encourages St Dominic’s students to share their successes and feel a sense of belonging with their peers. House pride develops student self-esteem and support networks between year groups.

May you and your sons have a wonderful year of opportunity and growth, supported by the College values and partnership we share.


Mr B Jansz

Director of Pastoral Care