“Be grateful for what we have”


Throughout Lent, we are constantly reminded of the temptations society provides our young men.  They are also constantly tempted by the vices of contemporary society that deem so many things as normal.  Things that we would deem, counter culture to our values.

How do we expect our students to respond to these temptations? Do they give in or do they deny the temptation and stay true as witnesses to the Good News.  By being my witnesses, we remain faithful to Jesus and allow the Lord’s light to shine and provide guidance.  Through the Lenten message of Pope Francis, we are encouraged to ‘Return to me’ through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  Pope Francis continues stating ‘We will never move forward if we are heavily weighed down.  We need to free ourselves from the clutches of consumerism, from always wanting more, from never being satisfied, and from a heart closed to the needs of the poor.’  It is from the image of Christ on the cross that we receive encouragement to open our heart and minds to becoming the better person for the common good.

Though our sons seek this guidance, they need our support to help mould them into these men of character who are prepared to be the Lord’s witnesses so that on graduation day, when they finally leave our moulding hands, we as a community can be proud of whom we have moulded.   Therefore, throughout Lent, let us all reject the temptations of our society and support these young minds.


Fasting & Feasting 


Lent is more than a time of fasting; it can also be a joyous season of feasting.  Lent is a time to fast from certain things and to feast on others. 


Fast from judging others

Feast on the Christ dwelling in them

Fast from worry

Feast on Divine Providence

Fast from complaining

Feast on appreciation

Fast from self-concern

Feast on compassion for others

Fast from discouragement

Feast on hope

Fast from problems that overwhelm

Feast on prayer

Fast from thoughts of illness

Feast on the healing power of God



As I reflected upon the first five weeks of the school year, I was astonished at the quantity of work that had landed for both staff and students.  I hope the students have engaged themselves in their learning, especially as we commence the assessment period. The College has once again provided significant resources in the art of study through the Elevate Study programs. Term 2 continues to gain momentum, in particular for Y12, who have been busily completing their second HSC assessment or involved in valuable workshops that will assist them in completing their assessment.  They will be at the half-way point of the HSC course and I am hopeful that they are reaching their goals as we move into the final six months of their secondary education.


Harmony Day on Friday 22nd March was a great celebration of the diversity that exists within our College.  The wonderful presentation at our assembly highlighted the importance of acceptance and inclusion of people regardless of culture.  Living in harmony is not only required but expected by all members of our community.  Thank you to Mr Jansz, Mr Culican, Mrs Monteleone, Mrs Shankar and ­­­­Mrs Baluch for their organisation of Harmony Day especially the Chinese Lion, guest Speaker Jackie Leewai, the celebration of food and the variety of cultural activities for the afternoon.  St Dominic’s Colleges prides itself on the ability of coming together as a community.  Harmony Day was a perfect example of harmony.


Y10 Minimum Standards Tests will be conducted during Week 10.  These have become significant standardised tests especially for students who wish to receive a HSC certificate.  The College is committed to supporting all students meeting these standards regardless of whether they will be seeking a HSC certificate through our literacy and numeracy intervention programme. 


Our Primary school visits once again gave myself and Mr Walsh a great insight into the magnificent Catholic Primary Schools that educate young minds and that we have a great relationship with.  I would like to publicly thank each school for their welcoming nature and we look forward to continually working with you in developing and moulding good young people.


The College Open Day on Sunday 3rd March was exceptionally well attended with well over 500 families in attendance.  The student volunteers were once again the main attraction with all students representing the College with distinction as they hosted prospective families.  These students and all our staff are great advocates and I would like to personally thank all who were in attendance, for their support.


The 2020 Y7 enrolments were due by Thursday 21st March.  Families should receive a letter providing them with information about the interview process.  If any family has any questions regarding enrolments, please do not hesitate in contacting the College.


March also saw the conclusion of the MCS Summer seasons of Basketball and Cricket.  St Dominic’s featured in four from five Basketball Grand Finals and four from four Cricket Grand Finals.  What an outstanding achievement.  We won four from five Basketball games while we only managed to win one of the cricket.  Regardless, we are exceptionally proud of the sportsmen who represented the College with distinction.  Special thanks to all coaches and managers for their support of sport and our students.


The swimming team represented the College at the annual MCS Swimming Carnival with many outstanding individual and team results.  Congratulations to the 4 x 50 relay Team of Ryan Slaughter, Declan Quirk, Joshua Ongley and Jordan Tanti for breaking a long standing record.


Congratulations also to a number of individuals who have been selected for a number of MCS teams and NSWCCC teams.  Special recognition of Aaron Riley (Softball) and David Pletkan (Tennis) for their selection as NSW CCC Representatives.


As we move towards the end of the term, I would like to bring to your attention a number of key events that will occur during the first three weeks of Term 2.  The events include:


  •  ANZAC Day Assembly on 30th April;
  •   Y11 – Y12 Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews Wednesday 1st May;
  •   Mother’s Day Mass 8th May;
  •   Founder’s Day Mass 10th May;
  •   Y7 – Y10 Student/Parent/Teacher Monday 13th May.

Mr M Ronchetti

College Principal