Too many individuals and families go without food, shelter or human connections. We will see such, mostly every day whilst walking in our suburb, waiting for a train or parking our vehicles.

by Thomas Painter

The Go Without Challenge, from the Australian Red Cross, provided me with the experience of ‘going without’ what we all take for granted, a bed, pillow, warmth and protection. Something that should be a human right granted to all.

I chose to sleep one full night from 9.00pm on the family room floor in the darkness, no mattress, pillow or blanket, no devices, no books or a light. Even though I was safe; sleep was not achieved straight away. I challenged myself to think how I would be feeling if the ground was, instead an isolated carpark, not knowing if I was about to experience an assault or an eviction. The following day I was tired and not in a very happy mood!

Now imagine if that was what you experienced…

every single night….

I might not have raised lots of funds, but what was achieved was multiple conversations amongst my family members, friends and peers. Some who had directly contributed to the Red Cross appeal.

Perhaps next time more of us could access the  Red Cross site to read the real stories and encourage a wider school participation.


From the Director of Identity

Well done, Thomas! Who else did the Go without Challenge? This is an excellent way to understand the social issue of Homelessness. It raises empathy and helps us as a community begin to find answers while completing our Social Justice Hours.