Parent and Teacher Information Sessions

For details relating to Information Sessions, please click here.


Year 11 and 12 (Reflection/Goal setting Booklet process)


Year 7-10

Reminder that again we are providing a Canvas Support Workshop during this day that you can book in (all year levels, all experiences welcome to attend).


HSC Half Yearly Reports and Term 1 Reports – email advice, support etc Luke please provide final details and advice please


How to best assist my son in Term 2?

See our College Calendar (College website) – all College events, Year Events and Course assessments are published here.
See Course Syllabus (Canvas) for each of his courses so you are aware what is being assessed and when.
Engage in Vocabulary Lists (See Canvas Course Syllabus of each course) – use these terms to develop his understanding.
Communication – encourage your son to engage with his peers and his teachers in seeking the feedback he needs to improve.