Live Music Incursion

On Tuesday the 21st of May 2019, St Dominic’s College Music students participated in a music incursion whereby they were treated to a contemporary performance by Sound Sessions. Sound Sessions is a renowned Sydney-based, syllabus driven music education initiative consisting of live performances and interactive analysis workshops, led by young professional musicians, active in the Australian music scene.

As part of the Stage 4 and 5 Music courses, students from years 7 to 10 learnt about the six Concepts of Music and the different ways in which they are utilised within a piece of music. Through a live performance of hits from contemporary artists including The Jonas Brothers, Post Malone, Ariana Grande and Dean Lewis, and through the analysis of the pieces and interaction with the students, Sound Sessions provided the boys with insight and greater understanding into the ways in which the Concepts of Music are utilised in contemporary music.

Sound Sessions does not only support and supplement the work of school music teachers and music education, but also inspire and motivate school music students stimulating their musical understanding. This was evident through the interaction and participation of the St Dominic’s students, whether it was through the answering and asking of questions or the exploration of rhythm through clapping and singing.

A big thank you to Tim Wilson and Sound Sessions for providing the St Dominic’s music students with such an interactive, educational and enlightening experience.


Chris Wilson, Vanessa Ede, Leon Hine (St Dominic’s College Music staff)