St Dominic’s College

F1 In-Schools Racing Team

On Wednesday, 22 May, the F1 In-Schools Dominus Racing Team travelled to Mt Druitt TAFE to learn more about the manufacturing of our F1 car, which we intend  racing in the competition.

Matt, who is an Engineer Teacher at the TAFE assisted us in the process needed to machine the car and the range of theories to what makes an F1 car so fast. Along with this, Matt also explained the G code process that is required to CNC machine the car. 

Whilst at the TAFE, we worked through our computer drawings, making modifications to our car and ensuring it met all the specifications to be compliant with the competition.

Once we got these things right, we began milling the car. It was a great experience for the whole Dominus Racing Team and were grateful for all the advice Matt at the TAFE offered our team.

By Marley Satchell – Team Manager