Term 2 – Parent, Student and Teacher Conferences (PSTC) and Canvas Workshops


This term’s Canvas Parent and Student support workshops were conducted throughout our PSTC day on 13th May. If you were unable to attend this term, please consider sitting with your son in learning more about his progress, upcoming tasks and goals. Remember all parents are enrolled in their son’s courses in supporting their learning.


Minimum Standards Testing


Minimum Standards Testing for reading, writing and numeracy were held for our Year 10 students at the end of last term. NESA has released the results of these tests to the College and it is pleasing to announce that the majority of our Year 10 students have been successful in meeting the minimum standard in each of these three domains.

Reading – 98% of students met the minimum standard
Writing – 89% of students met the minimum standard
Numeracy – 96% of students met the minimum standard

A letter has been sent to the parents of those students who have yet to reach the minimum standard in one of the domains above, with further College support measures such as reading and writing intervention workshops being conducted. Please contact Ms M. Day via email (mday@stdominics.nsw.edu.au) if you require further information on these intervention workshops.


The next testing opportunity for those student yet to reach the minimum standard will be conducted in Term 3.


Year 12 HSC Seminar Program


This Seminar and Support Mentoring Program will be held each Thursday during sport from the 28th June for all Year 12 students. The Seminar sessions will provide students with additional revision material in each of their courses from the teaching staff outside their normal classroom lessons to further assist them in their preparations for the Trial HSC and/or the HSC exams later in the year. Students and parents will be provided with a schedule and a letter concerning the program in Week 7 this term.

Mandatory Guidelines for Student involvement in the Seminar Program include:

Attendance in this program is compulsory for all Year 12 students
Students are not permitted to leave the College until the scheduled dismissal time of 2:35pm. Students will not be permitted to make work or other appointments in this time (i.e. medical appointments).
A student who does not have a Seminar Session for their subject in the scheduled week will be required to attend the ERLC for study or support mentoring, which will include writing intervention from teaching staff. A booking system will be provided for Year 12 students for writing intervention assistance.
A student who is involved in MCS Athletics (Week 5 – 22/8) and/or MCS Golf (Week 8 – 5/9) and therefore not able to attend the Seminar Program in those weeks, will be provided with the Seminar material from their teacher.