On Friday 31st May, the College came together to recognise the significant events in the process of reconciliation between our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian Community.

To commence the College gathering Cooper Hill of Year 11, a proud descendant of the Wiradjuri Nation, acknowledged Country in traditional language.

The morning intended to draw people’s attention to the 2019 theme of reconciliation- “Grounded in Truth”. Our senior Indigenous students did an exceptional job in reflecting on our nation’s history; identifying pivotal moments such as the 1967 referendum and 1992 Mabo decision; and expressing the need to “…foster positive race relations…” for future generations in the process of reconciliation.

During the assembly our Indigenous students presented an artwork to the College created on the foundation of reconciliation theme. Under the guidance of Ms Knowles and former ‘Old Boy’ Kaylem McDonald, our Indigenous students created an excellent contemporary piece.

The assembly concluded with a presentation to our winners of the Reconciliation Week Quiz. It was fantastic to see that over 150 students attempted the online quiz that our Indigenous students had designed on momentous Indigenous people and events.

Congratulations to Keegan Brady (Year 12), Harrison Moss (Year 10) and Oscar King (Year 7) in winning the Indigenous All Stars merchandise. Finally, thank you to all staff and students who assisted in our reconciliation events.