We have reduced our 2018 print/copy figures by 46% and paper usage has been halved in our first quarter of the year!

As an EREA school we are  committed to promoting an integral ecology through
demonstrating a deep reverence for the earth as both God’s work and our home, promoting ecojustice and working towards a sustainable and regenerative future for all creation.

In celebration of World Environment Day, we are proud to announce the results of our most recent environmental initiative – Print, Copy and Scan.

In 2018 we reviewed current print strategies, resource expenditure and environmental impact in the development of an improved environmentally and educationally model that would better serve our community. Our numerous ink-jet desk printers, antiquated ‘bulk-print’ copiers and paper dependent communications were all upgraded as a consequence of our review.

In 2019 we now have access to strategically positioned energy efficient copiers across the College (capable of print/copy/scan) that support both student and staff needs alike. Numerous communications are now delivered electronically via College APP, email and Canvas further reducing our impact on the environment. With the assistance of our project partners Toshiba, we targeted a 20% reduction in print/copy volume as our goal.

It is interesting to note that despite this fantastic achievement we can still do much better, as our last quarter still saw almost 300, 000 sheets printed which equates to 3.69 trees,1338.2 kg of Carbon Dioxide and 84,257.9 light bulb hours.

Students are reminded that they can recharge their print account via the fees office during break times. Your access ID has been emailed to you or you can use your O365 account details.