On Tuesday, 11th June, the Year 11 PDHPE classes attended the NSW Academy of Sport at Narrabeen for a day of sports science lectures and activities.

The classes were based in the Academy’s high performance sports laboratory for the day.

Students listened to lectures on Energy Systems, Strength and Recovery as well as undertaking tests in the lab. Cameron Gill and Kassem Khanafer took part in the VO2 max. test and recorded very good scores comparable to many NRL players. 

Other class members took part in Wingate tests which pushed some students to their physical limits.

The class were also fortunate enough to have Manly’s NRL Strength and Conditioning Coach talk to them and got to have an insight into how they train. The students had a great day out and walk away with a much better understanding of a number of key sports science concepts.

David Mackinnon – PDHPE Coordinator