How cold is it? Yet, how warm is your bed?


While you are warm at night, 116, 000 people are sleeping ‘rough’. This could be on the street, in tents, couch-surfing or in hostels.

So join our latest campaign ‘Backyard Sleepout’ to raise money to assist with purchasing bedding and accommodation to ease the burden of our homeless people.

We are busy people and so your involvement can happen at home and in your own time. It will suit your family, work and school responsibilities. Students will be sleeping outside, on verandas, patios, tents or in the open; for a night (or part of a night) to understand what it is like to be homeless and to and raise money per hour, to improve the situation for homeless people.

For our Backyard Sleepout Campaign we will partner with Mission Australia . You will need to register with Mr Culican (Director of Identity) through Forms and then you will be provided with the necessary information and permission letter.

Register by clicking here