On Friday, 9th August, St.Dominic’s College played host to the Blue Datto Road Safety Program. Year 10 were fortunate to be a part of the program which aims at educating young drivers to make safe and smart decisions on the road.

The day started off with the whole year group in the Hall listening to the Blue Datto team tell the sad story of Philip Vassallo who tragically lost his life as a teenager in a road accident in Penrith. They also had a Senior Detective from Penrith Police present to them on the dangers of speeding and other dangerous driver behaviours. Throughout the day they also had the opportunity to break into their PDHPE class groups and take part in a number of scenarios and activities ran by the Blue Datto peer mentors.

It was a very valuable day for our Year 10 students and they will continue to learn about Road Safety in their PDHPE lessons this term. Thanks to Mr.Jansz and Mr.Godsell for organising the Blue Datto Day.