St Dominic’s College celebrated The Feast of the Assumption on Thursday, 15 August.

The Feast of the Assumption celebrates Mary’s Assumption into Heaven. It is so special that it is a Holy Days of Obligation for Catholics. Mary was the first to ‘follow’ Jesus and is therefore the first Christian. In a year when we are encouraging people to “ be witnesses” to the good news we celebrate Mary as the first witness of this good news.

Following the Mass, the names of the 2020 College Prefects were announced.

Congratulations to the following students on their appointment as College Leaders:

  • Mitchell Baragry
  • Jack Benson
  • Isaac Coldicott
  • Anthony Farrell
  • Matthew Farrell
  • Cameron Gill
  • Riley Ginger
  • Daniel Goddard
  • Cooper Hill
  • Kassem Khanafer
  • Liam Kroon
  • Blake Lawson
  • Alexi Pepper
  • Trent Whitbread