On 19th August 2019, classes A, B, C and D of Year 10 went on an excursion to Pyrmont/Ultimo. On this excursion we went to Pyrmont Bridge/ICC/Barangaroo, Union Square, Harris and John St intersection, John St & Cadigal Avenue, Tablet House, Cross St Terrace, James Watkinson Reserve & Ways Terrace, Pyrmont bay(casino) and Wharf 7.

These places were important to visit as we were able to learn about the history of the Sydney CBD.

We learnt about urban processes such as urban renewal, gentrification, urban decay, urban sprawl, urban consolidation, reurbanisation, infrastructure and demography for all these different sites. These types of processes are vital to know as they help us understand what has occurred since these projects were built and what may occur in the future.

It was amazing to see how certain projects have changed over time and the reasons about why they changed. For example, in mostly every corner there used to be a pub due to all the blue-collar workers during the 1900’s. Now, the city is home to medium to high class residents, so they have changed these pubs into things such as terrace housing to accommodate for the increasing population. Overall, this excursion was very important for geography in class, and things in the future such as jobs.

Maskim Vujasim – Year 10