It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly the Term goes. The College is extremely busy not only for the staff, but the students included across all year groups. Now, we find ourselves halfway through Term 3 already with so many things being achieved in and out of classes. We have already experienced presentations from HSC Major Works, completed HSC Trial Examinations, Incursions and Excursions, Semester One Academic Awards Assembly, Feast of the Assumption mass, 2020 College Leaders announced, Y7 Taronga Park Zoo excursion, Y10 Blue Datto Presentation, HSIE and Mathematics Incursions, Geography, Visual Art, PDHPE and Science Excursions, Work Placement for Y11 Construction and Hospitality (VET classes), both College and MCS Athletics Carnivals, Winter Sleepout, hosting our Japanese exchange students, Y8 Urban Challenge and Pastoral Day, Stages 4 & 5 Reflection Days, Y9 / Y11 2020 Subject selections, MCS AFL/Touch/Golf, Schoolboy RL Cup, SRC Formation day and Careers talks. The plethora of events and opportunities for the students to be engaged in continues, these are just some (and I’m certain to have missed some, sorry) of the things that have occurred in the first half of the term. 


The following changes to our timetabled teaching staff for the remainder of Term 3 are as follows:

–          Mrs Waygood for a further 3 weeks in the Science KLA, Mr Margerison will continue to deliver these Science lessons.

–          Ms Simpson is on leave for a further 3 weeks and Mr Thompson will continue to teach the Y7 Embark classes.

–          Miss Amor will be taking leave from Week 7 for the remainder of Term 3.


From 2020 onwards, no longer will the ‘old’ tracksuit-top be permitted to be worn at any stage. Families have had adequate time to make this transition from the older version of our tracksuit to the new one. From the start of 2020, this is no longer to be worn at all, regardless of which year group your son is in. Another matter of contention is ‘socks’, especially on a Thursday (college white sports socks). Students should expect consequences for wearing the incorrect socks on Thursday with their sports uniform as there are plenty of socks available from the College Shop.