Student Centred Learning: Professional Development program

In Term 3 our staff have continued their work with Sarah Humphries in the development of learning approaches that begin with the students at the core. We provide the staff with a wealth of information in regards to your sons’ progress and needs and this term we will continue to shape his learning experiences based on this knowledge….


Edmund Rice Learning Centre: so much more than a library

Our learning centre provides students with the opportunity to access further support, resources and guidance on how to make the most of all that is provided as part of our learning environment. Read more…


Literacy and Numeracy Week: September 2 -9

The following opportunities and celebrations will be conducted in Week 7 for all boys to participate in recognising and celebrating the importance of literacy and numeracy within the College and the outside world:

  • Homeroom Literacy and Numeracy Activities
  • Edmund Rice Learning Centre lunchtime activities
  • Student Metaphor Competition
  • Year 8 Maths Olympiad
  • Year 7 Monster Spelling Bee
  • Literacy and Numeracy Week Assembly

Please encourage your son to be active and engaged in his Literacy and Numeracy efforts within his studies.


Subject Selections 2020

Year 9 and 11 Students are now involved in the process of making subject selections for 2020. The following timeline outlines key dates for students:

     Year 9:
  • Week 6 – Student Subject Selections are to be submitted to the front office;
  • Week 7 – Students to receive the first round confirmation of Year 9 Elective subjects for 2020.
     Year 11:
  • Week 6 – Students to receive the first round confirmation of Year 11 subjects for 2020;
  • Week 7 – Students change request period of initial offer of position and courses;
  • Week 9 – Students provided with final confirmation of position and courses they are enrolled into for Year 11.


STEAM at St Dominic’s College

Our College continues to lead the way in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Our Year 9 elective iSTEM class, Code Club and F1 teams are all achieving great results in this growing industry. If your son has a passion or interest in this area there are plenty of opportunities for him to develop and succeed at the College.


Canvas News:


Too much information can be as bad as not enough information. Refine your alerts by taking these few steps ensuring you are only seeing what you value in supporting your son.


Congratulations! Our College once again presented at Canvascon 2019 showcasing best practices used to support student learning in a blended learning environment. To have our College standing beside Universities, Technical Institutes and Colleges across the South Pacific and Asia is recognition of the hard work, commitment and professionalism of our staff who have developed a transparent learning environment for the entire community. Mr Sheil (Use of Analytics in supporting Learning) and Mrs Walsh (Supporting Parents in Canvas) presented at the event and we were pleased to highlight the number of active parents (500+ and climbing) engaged in Canvas since we enrolled you all in your son’s courses.


Mr D Sheil                                                    Mr P Gorton                                   Ms M Day

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