In celebration of National Literacy and Numeracy Week, Year 7 participated in our annual Monster Spelling Bee. Mr Cummins created a welcoming, fun and competitive entrance to showcase the contestants and Mrs Hazell eloquently conducted the fair and supportive competition. As they battled it out for the title of the 2019 Monster Speller, it was a pleasure to witness each of the Embark class representatives:

  • 7A: Taj LeBreton
  • 7B: Timothy Karlsen
  • 7C: Kale Cairncross
  • 7D: Jake Fitzpatrick
  • 7E: Jayden Morrell
  • 7F: Syrus Dig
  • 7G: Billy Smith
  • 7H: Reyn Lubarsky

After a gruelling competition, the atmosphere in the Brother Warner Hall was electrifying! The finale came down to 7A’s Taj LeBreton and 7B’s Timothy Karlsen…Timothy gracefully won the tournament and both Mr D’Souza and Mr Kennedy-Gould relished in 7B’s victory. We recognise the courage of all students and look forward the 2020 competition.

Mrs E. Bright

Embark Coordinator and HSIE Teacher