Earlier in the year, a number of our students sat the Australian Mathematics Competition for 2019. This national competition provides an opportunity for our students to compare how they are going in Mathematics compared to the rest of the country.

Every year our students achieve strong results in this competition. This year we achieved some excellent results, with an increase in the total number of certificates awarded at all 3 levels of achievement:

5 Certificates of Distinction

41 Certificates of Credits

109 Certificates of Proficiency

This is a fantastic result and shows our students’ commitment and growth in their Mathematics. These certificates will be awarded at an upcoming assembly.

The following students achieved a Certificate of Distinction, which indicates that they are in the top 20% of the country for their academic year:


Cooper Morrisey

Jayden Morrell


Luke Micallef


Samuel Hull

Bradley Wade

Congratulations should also go to Cooper Morrisey, Samuel Hull and Bradley Wade for being jointly awarded “Best Result in School”. This indicates they were our highest performing students at the College and had the same standardised score when compared across year groups.

The following students achieved a Certificate of Credit, which indicates they are in the top 55% of the country for their academic year.


Nathaniel Cant

Jake McCrory



Harrison Ashmore

Keenan Bellia

Liam Coburn

Braxton Elcheikh

Alexander Gouriotis

Carel Kutschera

Zane Madrajat

Callum Thorpe

Nathan Wibley

Ryan Woodhead

Daniel Xiberras




Samuel Andary

Jackson Berg

Zac Culbert

Cody Dwyer

Brandon Kruzic

Joshua Lewin

Jamie Manansala

Joshua Manning

Ryan Mooney

Jarrod Parsons

Snehin Talusani

Adrian Viera

Hayden Walsh

Navsirat Wander





Noah Cutajar

Joshua Davidson

Jeffrey Ding

Jonas Hackney

Levi Navarro

Patrick Rowan

Phillip Saito

Clay Saunders

Ryan Watts

Dylan Wilson



Jack Benson

Cooper Hill

Jayden Sarno

Trent Whitbread


Thank you to Mr Chris Meek for his promotion, organisation and administration of this important competition. We look forward to further growth in our success in future years.

Mr David Gerlach – Mathematics KLA Coordinator

L to R: Mr Chris Meek (Assistant Mathematics Coordinator), Luke Micallef – Yr 9, Bradley Wade – Yr 10, Jayden Morrell – Yr 7, Samuel Hull – Yr 10, Cooper Morrissey – Yr 7