On Monday, 21st October St Dominic’s College celebrated the outstanding sporting achievements of students during Term 3.

We have had a variety of outstanding team and individual performances throughout the Term. Reaffirming our sporting success, is the fact that St Dominic’s College was represented in all MCS Grand Finals in Term 3. We have also had some exceptional individual success in both Golf and Athletics at the MCS and NSWCCC levels.

It was particularly pleasing to see that at the MCS Athletics’ Carnival, students from St Dominic’s College were represented in every event possible. Our results as a College, truly are a reflection of the hard work and dedication from both our staff and students.

Sport is an integral part of the St Dominic’s tradition.  We as a community, attempt to uphold a culture of mateship, hard work, sportsmanship and discipline.

In addition to the values sport at our College instills, it creates memories that students will look back on post schooling years. 


Touch Football

MCS Year 7 Touch Football Runners-Up

MCS Year 8 Touch Football Premiers

MCS Year 9 Touch Football Runners-Up

MCS Years 10 Football Touch Football Premiers


MCS Junior AFL Runners Up

MCS Senior AFL Premiers


MCS U/16’s Rugby 7’s Premiers


MCS Golf Champions

Connor Hamilton, Harrison McCue, Declan Mingramm, Aaron Barlow, Jack Grieve, Blake Hodges, Coby Carruthers, Connor Tidyman, Hayden Walsh.


College Athletics Age Champions

U/12’s– 1st Simon Ankuma (R) 2nd Zachary Reynolds (R) 3rd Kyian Van Dijk (S)

U/13’s- 1st Toby Camilleri (S), 2nd Jaxen Edgar (D), 3rd Austen Pantazacos (T)

U/14’s– 1st Joshua Debritt (T) 2nd Aidan McKervey (T) 3rd Brock Stapleton (S)

U/15’s– 1st Ethan Hutchings (S) 2nd Luke Hanson (T) 3rd Ryan Mooney (R)

U/16’s– 1st Ryan Freeman (T) 2nd Emmanuel Boadu (R) 3rd Trent Whitbread (S)

U/17’s– 1st Cameron Gill (T) 2nd Daniel Thomas (D) 3rd Mitchell Baragry (S)


MCS Athletics Age Champions

Runners Up Age Champions:

U/12’s- Simon Ankuma

U/15’s- Xavier Degei

U/17’s- Cameron Gill


NSWCCC Athletics Representatives

U12’s Simon Ankuma

U13’s Toby Camilleri

U13’s Jaxen Edgar

U14’s Brendan Kopp

U14’s Aidan McKervey

U15’s Ethan Clune

U15’s Xavier Degei

U15’s Ryan Mooney

U16’s Emmanuel Boadu

U17’s Cameron Gill


Congratulations to all our award recipients.

Mr Rodney Peake – Sports Coordinator