Dear St Dominic’s community members, parents and friends,

I am writing to you regarding an employee of the College who was found guilty, without conviction, of assault of a St Dominic’s student while they were at the College.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the student and his family and we will continue to support them in the days and weeks ahead.

We take our responsibility to protect the students in our care very seriously and the actions of this individual in no way reflects the values of our College. When St Dominic’s became aware of the allegations in late 2018, we took immediate and appropriate action. The staff member concerned was suspended and the matter was referred to the Police for investigation.

This matter has already attracted some media attention and may do so in the days ahead. During challenging times, it is important to call on the strength of our community and I know that each of you will show the student and family the respect and privacy they rightly deserve.

Our College has a reputation for providing an exceptional Catholic education which is only possible as a result of our highly professional teaching staff. We unapologetically set high standards of behaviour for our employees, as outlined in our policies, protocols and training, and do not tolerate behaviour that falls below those standards. 

It is also timely to remind you that Edmund Rice Education Australia has established mechanisms in place to report any suggestion of assault or abuse. People who believe they are a victim of assault or abuse by an employee — paid or volunteer — of the College, are encouraged to contact police, the College, or Edmund Rice Education by calling 03 9426 3200.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Ronchetti – Principal