Dream your dreams

Enjoy the gift and privilege of life

Envision excellence

Cherish and support your friends

Give enthusiasm to others

Be inspiring

Know that you make a difference

Tell those that you love how you feel

Live with passion

Discover the gifts of everyday life

Aim for the stars

Smile and radiate your love

Recognise your inner beauty

Think and live healthy

Think bigger than ever before

Appreciate the good things in life

Take pride in yourself

Be greater than your highest thought

Live your vision every day

Practice what you preach

Appreciate yourself

Live with integrity

Think only the best of others

Enjoy the journey

Live for today

Make your dreams come true

Begin it NOW


Welcome back to all our students and families to the 2020 academic school year. In particular, a warm and sincere St Dominic’s College welcome to all our new students and their families. May your time here at St Dominic’s College be filled with the love and grace of our Lord and that the journey is one of hope, compassion and success. Each new year brings with it a new beginnings, new goals, new hopes, new expectations, a renewed commitment in hope of continuing to become a better person. Making positive choices is the key to a successful year and to becoming the gentlemen we all aspire to become. May the dream poem above guide all of us throughout the 2020 journey.

2020 sees some changes to our staff. We welcome the following staff members to our beautiful community: Mr D. Colucci (Visual Art/TAS); Miss I. Lu (Mathematics) Mrs D. McKinnon (Mathematics); Mr H. Strong (HSIE) and Miss A. Quinlivan (English/HSIE). May the light of the Lord illuminate their path as they journey with St Dominic’s in the formation of our young men.

There are a number of changes to leadership roles within the College and some exciting new roles. I have included a list of all leadership positions for your referral. We wish all our leaders every success as they lead different domains of the College in support of our sons and their learning.

College Leadership Team



Mr M. Ronchetti


Deputy Principal

Mr B. Walsh


Director of Business Services

Ms J. Powell


Director of Teaching & Learning

Mr D. Gerlach


Director of Curriculum

Mr L. Borg


Director of Identity

Mr Z. Culican


Director of Pastoral Care

Mr B. Jansz


Director of Administration

Mr B. Godsell


Director of Diverse Learning

Ms M. Day



Pastoral Coordinators


Year 7

Mrs N. Shankar


Year 8

Mr M. Turner


Year 9

Ms T. Shaw


Year 10

Mr J. Killbourne


Year 11

Mrs J. Knowles


Year 12

Mr M. Levy



House Coordinators



Mr D. D’Souza



Mr B. Cummins



Mr J. McKay



Mr N. Zammit



KLA Coordinators






Religious Education

Mr C. Hicks



Mr C. Meek

Mr B. Ahern



Mr P. Magee

Mrs C. McSweeney



Mr T. Easterbrook

Mrs N. Monteleone



Mrs N. Monteleone



Mrs F. Edwards

Ms D. Lister



Mr B. Rawding

Ms R. Atkinson



Mrs R. Reid



Mr D. Mackinnon


Visual Arts

Mr S. Lewis



Mr C. Wilson



Mrs S. Baluch



Mr R. Peake


Internal Sport

Mr K. Churchill



Additional Leaders


Career’s Advisor

Mrs D. Rimmer



Mrs S. Hazell


Innovation & Digital Learning

Mrs J. Walsh


Literacy Support

Miss R. Simpson


Indigenous Liaison Officer

Mr J. Bourke


Wellbeing Coordinator

Ms B. Birkett


Social Justice Outreach Coordinator

Mrs B. Fogliani



Our Liturgical Theme for 2020, “Voices for a Better World” challenges us to use our voice to:

  • encourage and praise those we encounter on a daily basis
  • promote peace in our world
  • speak for those who are voiceless such as the marginalised, victims of domestic violence, refugees, the poor
  • proclaim the gospel values
  • express forgiveness
  • seek love and happiness

I encourage all our community to illuminate the goodness that lives within all our hearts by finding their voice and then using their voice in service of those with no voice. It will be challenging but we are a strong community that listens to the cries of the voiceless and respond faithfully to these cries. Let us listen to the cries and be the voice that will advocate for a better world.

As a community we have a co-responsibility in:

  • providing a positive environment
  • developing right relationships
  • doing my personal best
  • supporting my peers in their academic and cocurricula endeavours
  • remaining faithful to the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice
  • maintaining the history of the College
  • making the world a better place.

Let us be faithful to our co-responsibility in the formation of our sons and the continuation of the St Dominic’s College story. This interdependence is essential for it takes a whole community to form a child.


In 2020, the College will continue on its strategic journey with the 2020 Annual Improvement Plan. The College has steadily addressed all the outcomes of the plan with the final two objectives being addressed this year. These objectives are:

  • 1.2 Educate the College community on contemporary research of boys’ education to better support student learning needs;
  • 3.1 Foster relationships with God through the person of Jesus and the life of Blessed Edmund Rice

Our partnership with all stakeholders is crucial so that our current and future students benefit from all the great work. You may find the whole strategic document on the College website.


The College commenced work on the main yard with the building of the yarning circle (meeting place). This work will inconvenience the College over the next month but once completed will provide ample shade for the community. The yarning circle will become the focal point in the main yard not only as a meeting place for all but as a spiritual connection to our land and our faith.


The College Opening Mass will be held on Friday, 14th February commencing at 11.30. We have been blessed this year with the Bishop of Parramatta Bishop Vincent honouring us as the Celebrant of our mass. Please join us as we bless the College student leaders, Year 12 and for a successful school year. All members of our families are invited to this special occasion.


Over the next week there are three significant information evenings for Y7, Y10 and Y12.

  • The Y7 Welcome Evening takes on a new format with students and parents asked to be present at our Welcome Liturgy at 5.00pm. This will be followed by a brief information session, followed by a BBQ for parents and students, followed by Embark Information session.
  • Y10 ROSA Information Evening (parents and students) is compulsory for all parents. This session provides vital information regarding ROSA and successfully completing all the requirements for a ROSA certificate.
  • While the Y12 Information Evening (parents only) provides an opportunity for parents to converse with other Y12 parents about the HSC year.



Dominus Lux Mea


Mr Michael Ronchetti

St Dominic’s College Principal