Welcome back to all students and staff on behalf of the Sports Department here at the College. Once again, there will be a wide variety of opportunities for students to represent themselves and the  College in sporting events in 2020. MCS Basketball continues into Round 8 and Cricket into Round 9 from Thursday 6th February.

It is important that both students and parents regularly check the MCS and NSWCCC websites for information regarding representative trials for specific sports. While the College makes every effort to ensure that information is timely and accurate, on occasions, amendments may be made to scheduling. Information can be found at:



For students and parents that are new to Catholic Schools NSW Sport, you will be required to create a new account on the csnsw.sport website to register for trials at both the MCS and NSWCCC levels of representation.

MCS Representative Trial Dates

*Please note that these are association representative trials and not trials for our College teams.


MCS Representative Baseball Trial Dates- Opens

*Please check the MCS website for more information

MCS Baseball Trials- 19th & 26th February


MCS Representative Touch Football Trials- U/15’s and Opens

*Please check the MCS website for more information

MCS Touch Football Trials 4th & 11th March


MCS Representative Rugby League Trials- U/15’s and Opens

*Please check the MCS website for more information

MCS Rugby League Trials 12th & 19th March


MCS Representative Football Trials- Opens

MCS Soccer Trials 19th March & 26th March



St Dominic’s College Rugby League & Football Trials

MCS Rugby League and Football trials for the College will be held throughout the term once coaching staff have been finalised. Students are reminded to regularly check the sports announcements on Canvas to see when trials will be held for respective age/ year groups. The MCS Football competition will commence on Thursday 19th March while Rugby League will start on Thursday 26th March.

Students who are selected for a Rugby League or Football teams are required to be in the correct College uniform for their matches. Socks and Shorts for each of the codes can be purchased from the College shop. Training shirts are also compulsory for students in Years 7A Football, 7B Football, U13A Rugby League and U/13B Rugby League in 2020 and these can also be purchased at the College shop.    


St Dominic’s College Tennis Trials

Trials for the Tennis team will commence during Sport on Thursday 6th February. Mrs Baluch will be coaching the Tennis team. If you are interested in trialling, please see Mrs Baluch for more information. Trials will take place at Penrith Tennis Centre, Castlereagh Road each Thursday in the lead up to the competition. The Competition is a one-day tournament held at Parramatta Tennis Centre on 12th March for U16’s-18’s and the 19th March for U12’s-15’s.


College Swimming Carnival

The Swimming Carnival will be held at Ripples, Penrith on Monday 24th February. More information regarding the format, program and transport will be sent out via the sports announcement page on Canvas over the coming weeks.


MCS Swimming Carnival

The MCS Swimming Carnival will once again be held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on 18th March. This carnival is an evening carnival commencing at 6pm.


EREA Football Tour

The College will be represented at the EREA National Football Tournament in 2020. The Tournament will take place at Rostrevor College in Adelaide, South Australia from Wednesday 14th to Friday 17th April, 2020. Mr J. Hall will be coaching the team with the assistance of both Mr D’Souza and Mr Meek. More information on the tour will be available in the coming weeks.


Mr Rodney Peake

Sports Co-ordinator