On Thursday, 27 February our College Basketball Teams proved once again to be strong contenders in the Annual MCS Basketball Grand Finals.

A Grade

St Dominic’s 66 def. Auburn 34

Coaches: L. Hine and R. Atkinson

B Grade

St Dominic’s 39 def. Blacktown 25

Coaches: B. Godsell and  E. Kroon


Year 10

St Dominic’s 51 def. Blacktown 38

Coaches: C. Cook and S. Kennedy-Gould


Year 9

Blacktown 41 def. St Dominic’s 39

Coaches: J. Kilbourne and B. Birkett


A big thank you to all staff who have been involved in coaching or managing our teams across the 2019/20 Basketball and Cricket seasons.

Mr R Peake – Sports Coordinator