“Voices for A Better World “ was the theme we devised for this year and, unfortunately, over the summer it rang true to our community and our nation. It was obvious to our families that in the calamity of bushfires, drought, flood and smoke haze, neighbours were helping neighbours, volunteers were reaching out to strangers and ‘new friends’ from across the world were hearing our cries and coming to assist.


Our students are tasked with learning how to liberate our country from such situations by studying climate change, regeneration, or through Social Justice Outreach. To begin this year we have quietly reflected through our Staff mass, Opening College Mass and in HR Prayers to consider what action we need to take. Our community is asking: What can we do? What Can we say? How can we be heard?


On Ash Wednesday we also looked at international communities that often face natural disasters to ensure we are contributing to their education, so that together, we can find ways to support each other. One such country is Cambodia. We are asking each student to buy 10 notebooks for Cambodian students at a cost of $1 each. This $10 will represent part of their Lenten Sacrifice. During the 40 days of Lent, each Homeroom will collect donations and we will keep a tally. The most generous House will receive 500 points towards the Brother Jeff Regan House Cup. It would be really helpful if each student could bring their donation in one lot, in the next week, so that their tallies will motivate other students and show them peer leadership.


We will donate some of this to the St Vincent de Paul Bushfire Appeal.


This campaign is being managed by our new Social Justice Outreach Coordinator, Mrs Brittney Fogliani.


Our students have responded so generously in the past and this culture of generosity must make our parent community very proud.



Mr Z Culican

Director of Identity